NBA 2K17 mobile is a basketball themed app related to the NBA 2K17 game. It’s a premium app that includes MyCareer and multiplayer modes.

NBA 2K17 for iOS and Android is the mobile version of the NBA 2K17 basketball game. It’s a simplified version of the main game. NBA 2K17 mobile is a premium app that costs around $8 and also has in app purchases. Here’s a rundown of its features followed by the conclusion that should help players decide if the app is worth the money or not. NBA 2K17 mobile is not the NBA 2K17 companion app. The latter extends the game’s functionality and it’s available as a free app.

MyCareer mode is one main component. Unlike the NBA 2K17 mode, its mobile counterpart focuses on character advancement leaving out the story and some of the customization elements. Character creation has plenty of options but it lacks the face scan option that is available only on PC and current generation consoles. MyPlayer starts with four college games which will decide his drafting. NBA 2K17 mobile doesn’t feature the decision making system and NPC interactions that are present in the base game. There’s no orange juice system either. MyCareer on mobile allows players to improve their character by taking part in practice games. There are some choices that will impact on court behavior but they’re nowhere near the immersive single player experience available in the NBA 2K17 on PC and consoles. Season mode is another NBA 2K17 mobile feature. Players can pick their favorite team and compete in a mode that recreates a real NBA season. Blacktop mode and quick matches unlock access to games against other players. MyPlayer is used when taking part in multiplayer matches. Control options offer a good experience. Most players have praised NBA 2K17 mobile’s control feature.

To sum it up, NBA 2K17 is a nice app that plays really smooth and has enough game modes to keep players entertained. However, the quality takes a toll on device’s battery so players should have the charger at hand when playing. Eight dollars may be a bit too much for a simplified version of NBA 2K17 but sometimes the app is available at a discounted price of 50% off and that’s a pretty good deal.